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The Erha project was presented: a decisive step from Itel in the fight against cancer


An investment of almost 15 million euros to develop the world’s first linear proton accelerator in the upcoming years, which will be produced by Newco Linear Beam srl, spin-off of Itel

In spite of the pouring rain outside, “today is a beautiful day”. That’s what Leonardo Diaferia, founder and President of Itel, said yesterday morning, presenting the company’s new spin-off, Newco Linear Beam srl, the company division that will be working over the next four years in developping Erha (Enhanced radioterapy with hadrons) project: the first linear proton accelerator for the treatment of numerous types of cancer, also including a robotic patient movement system and a software for radiotherapy treatment.

Itel has received 14.9 million euros from the European Investment Bank through the Miur and the Equiter Research and Innovation Fund (Rif), which is responsible for supporting research and generating innovation in the regions of Southern Italy . Among the three currently in place, this is the most substantial funding.

“Today is the kick off of a new path. Someone has intercepted us, has glimpsed a very interesting project that can have truly unimaginable developments and has decided to invest in it a lot “, continued Diaferia.

In this important match, “I simply hope that the machine will enter the market, available for the clinicians, and that this could really lead to do the job we are making it for: treating tumors,” he concluded.

2019-03-15 12:33:27