About us

LinearBeam has developed and implemented ERHA (Enhanced Radiotherapy with Hadrons), the innovative proton therapy system for cancer treatment.


LinearBeam srl is a spin-off from Itel Telecomunicazioni which, over the next four years, will develop the first proton linear accelerator (p-Linac) for cancer treatment through the ERHA project (Enhanced Radio Therapy with Hadrons). This consists of a robotic patient positioning system, (which permits the beam to enter the body from the best angle for striking the tumor), as well as a radiotherapy treatment software.

To achieve this goal, the company avails itself of €14.9 million, provided by the European Investment Bank, through the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) and Equiter’s Innovation and Research Fund (RIF), which supports research and generates innovation in southern Italian regions. This is the most substantial loan among the three currently being disbursed.

Over the next three years, the entire project should be completed; however, in the short term, a part of the structure, characterized for example by a simplified positioning system, can be already installed and begin operating.

It is estimated that the number of patients treated with proton therapy will increase from 20,500 in 2016 to 226,000 by 2030.

(Source: MEDraysIntell)

ITEL Group

Itel provides engineering solutions for highly-specialized healthcare services. Through its Itelpharma division, Itel produces and markets radiopharmaceuticals. Through its Linearbeam division, Itel is currently development an innovative proton therapy system for the treatment of tumors. Founded in 1982, Itel has designed and built more than three thousand MRI installations around the globe. Itel provides turnkey solutions for articulated projects, such as facilities for diagnostic imaging, hybrid operation theaters and radio pharmacies, as well as complex healthcare facilities.

Specialized knowledge of electromagnetic waves and ionizing radiations, along with the our team’s interdisciplinary nature, has allowed Itel to develop integrated and innovative solutions for public and private healthcare facilities, thus ensuring the highest quality standards for its clients. Although its main activities relate to the medical and pharmaceutical sector, Itel has the only laboratory in Southern Italy which is able to carry out electromagnetic compatibility measurements and testing for electrical or electronic devices for the purposes of CE marking.

The number of operational proton therapy facilities worldwide is expected to increase from 76 (203 treatment rooms) in 2017 to 160 (386 treatment rooms) by the end of 2022.

(Source: MEDraysIntell)